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Your Design. Your Rules, Your Conference. Get Hyper with HVC. HVC.com is award winning enterprise virtual event software to create and run virtual conferences, trade shows, conventions and other virtual events. Best for businesses and event organizers on a budget, HVC helps increase sales and add revenue streams. As a valuable marketing tool, it enables prospective attendees to evaluate, collaborate, meet with others online and plan their attendance in advance, resulting in more sponsorships and ticket sales. The application utilizes social networking and instant messaging functions. HVC's dashboard design includes the following features:
- Instant Messaging (IM) Video Chat, Audio Chat, Text Chat
- VOIP Calling
- Calendar
- Seminars / Webinars
- Dynamic Search Capabilities
- eMail
- Collaboration Tools
Dynamic Database: As opposed to a static database that can't change, HVC's dynamic database structure allows the organizer to customize and add specific database fields to their virtual event. (Ex: A virtual event organizer designing an automobile parts event adds fields for specific parts, manufacturers, specifications, etc. for the delegates and the exhibitors).
Your Brand: The logo, colors and theme can be set to the administrator's desire.
Domain Name: Your own domain can be used for the event location. Either as a unique domain (ex: AutomotivePartsVirtualEvent.com) or a subdomain (ex: virtual.myvirtualevent.com).
Multilingual: HVC is multilingual in 9+ languages and cross platform, including: English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), and Japanese. Users select their default language preferences. This helps delegates for multinational events.
Payments: Use your own payment system or ours. HVC is integrated with 7 different online payment platforms.
Security: Using the latest security methods, HVC's security policy is to protect your data.

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